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For Anxiety and Depression

What is it?

CBT is a talking therapy that helps a person look and recognise any unwanted thought processes and learnt behaviours from situations that are negative.

The client is taught how to deal with their behaviour and thoughts in a more positive way.

Most of us will experience anxiety and or depression at some point in their life. This can be a result of a trauma or any situation that occurred at a very young age.

As we grow older there are times where certain behaviour patterns that we learn at a younger age can be carried through into other situations that are similar.

CBT can be a very beneficial therapy for anxiety and depression.

It uses different approaches using different tools and techniques mixed together to achieve healing or relief to many situations in a person's life.

Once the client has learnt the tools and techniques, it helps them to lead a healthier, more positive and empowered life. It puts them back in control of the situation whenever they need it.

What happens during a consultation?

During a consultation, you and I will explore any issues you have in a safe and confidential space.

With your help, a treatment plan can be put in place about how to bring about the necessary changes.

Progress will be made during each session by setting goals.

If the goal is a big one to achieve,  I will discuss these with you. Smaller goals that are achievable will be agreed to help you to reach your ultimate goal with me for assistance.

Within the group of sessions you will be taught tools to use when the time is right for you to move forwards a bit more.

Full commitment from both parties should be given for the plan to be achievable and for you to reach your full potential.

At each appointment your issues will be reviewed and plans will be revised and adjusted if it is needed. You will be involved in conversation abut their progress and any problems.

How long does each appointment last and how many will I need?

An initial consultation takes 1-1 ½ hours.

Follow up consultations take approx an hour

Appointments are at weekly intervals.

It is normal for someone to need between 10-15 sessions sometimes more, depending on the level of commitment given.

There will also be homework set for you to work on in-between most, if not all sessions.