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I Ellen Cook am providing a privacy statement to inform you of how your information is stored online and in my clinic and how it is used.

Online data

you name and email address may be collected in any messages you send via my message form on the contact me page of my website in order for me to be able to reply to you with any enquiries you have. Once the enquiry has been dealt with I will delete any data you have submitted.

Data collected in clinic

I need to collect data in order for me to provide you with the best possible treatment. Without it it would prove very difficult for me to be able to provide you with the treatment you require from me.

I need your contact details such as email address, telephone number and postal address in order for me to send remedies, confirmation or change of appointments and to confirm any queries you may have concerning your remedies.

Due to the new data protection laws I have a legal obligation to store your data for up to 8 years (if you are under 16 at the date of your final consultation I am legally obliged to keep it until you reach your 25th birthday).

How do I store you data

Your records are stored in the following ways:

Paper notes from consultations are all stored in a lockable secure filing cabinet. I store only a small amount of information digitally. initials are used with no other personal details such as DOB, address etc in this instance.

Any notes stored on my computer are also securely kept and are only accessible by password. The computer is stored away when not in use in the lockable filing cabinet.

How I use your data

There are occasions where I may need to have some supervision with another health professional. In this instance all personal details are kept anonymous unless the patient is in a situation in which their health or life is at risk.

I am the person who is responsible for making and changing appointments and sending any mail to your postal address.

You do have a right to see any data I hold for you. If you would like to request any of the information from your consultations I will respond to your written request within 1 month of receipt of the request.

My email address is

my contact number is 07766018597


Any views or advice on this website should not be taken as a substitute for medical advice or consulting with a Homeopath, Bowen Therapist or Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, especially if you have a specific a health complaint.