I have been attending Ellen's  clinic now for approx 18 months. There has been a huge marked difference in my health generally. I used to have extreme bouts of itching, drawing blood I scratched that much. That's all cleared up now. 
Ellen is more like a friend now not a consultant. She is easy to talk and discuss things with. The remedies she gives me are included in the price I pay and are easy to take. I am now 85 years old and feel ore like a 4o year old. I don't know why I didn't seek it out before. Any pain I have experienced has been reduced to nothing. Thankyou very much Ellen. Life is worth Living now.


I am Bipolar. In my experience medications have not addressed the emotional highs and lows. they made me feel half asleep in a no mans land of drug dependency. Thankfully I am now under the care of an amazing homeopath Ellen with whom I have come a long way from being a disjointed destructive unmanageable mess to a complete whole human being. I have never felt so strong and solid as I do now. Ellen certainly knows her stuff and her support is amazing. Ellen genuinely cares and is always there for you. Honestly you will not look back


I have received both Bowen and Homeopathy from Ellen on numerous occasions over the past 7-8 years and always found her to be skilful, knowledgeable and very professional. I would never hesitate in recommending her services. 


My husband suffers from Primary Progressive MS and Ellen has been giving him Bowen treatment for the past few years. Unfortunately, just as he was beginning to make good progress, Covid restrictions prevented any further therapy for quite some time. In this period he quickly declined. Happily, Ellen is now able to resume seeing John and he is already benefiting greatly from her administrations. Ellen has also helped me with her therapy and relieved many aches and pains.
Not only is Ellen an excellent and professional Bowen therapist, she is also a kind, caring and thoughtful person. She is always open to researching any new problem that may occur and her experience as a Homeopath is always useful and can work hand in hand with the other therapies that she has studied to find a solution to many health problems.
She is acutely sensitive as to where a person’s problems may lie and the Bowen treatment is a gentle and effective remedy which seems to suit my husband’s illness well.
We would thoroughly recommend Ellen as an alternative to anyone who is suffering and cannot find help or relief from the recognized medical profession.