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From Patient to Homeopath.

My First weekend at college

I had been accepted onto the course following an interview and was about to embark on a four year journey which would see me transformed from patient to fully qualified and registered homeopath.

My Health was so much better due to the treatment I had received I decided I would love to spread the word about how wonderfully magical Homeopathy can be.

My first weekend at college had arrived and for years I had only ever driven locally to my home. So to get in the car and drive 2 hours away from home was quite a daunting task. I packed all of my new study books and got in the car. The anxiety had kicked in and increased the closer I got to my destination. You see I have no sense of direction so once I reached the car park I would have to navigate my way from the car park to the college and enter a room full of people, another barrier I had to cross.

I entered the City of Norwich and with the aid of my new and trusty Sat Nav I reached the car park with very few problems.

I got out of my car and by this time my nerves were at fever pitch. Would they like me , was I clever enough to be doing the course, would I find my way to the bed and breakfast I had booked earlier in the month.

I arrived at the college and I was given directions to the room I would be studying in for the next couple of days. The room contained several more eager but nervous students wondering what the day ahead and the future in the homeopathic world would hold for us.

Our first lecture was all about introducing ourselves, we were informed that our 4 year course would include 2 years of clinical work, 100 hours internal sitting in at the college clinic,100 hours of external homeopathic clinic observation, 12 case studies with each patient having seen me for at least 3 appointments, 15 hours a week homework on average and endless tests to ensure we were competent in our case taking and general practice.

By lunchtime most of us felt a little more comfortable. I wandered out of the college door and wandered a little way down the street hoping that once I had found some lunch I would be able to find my way back to the college. Yes my sense of direction is really that bad.

The afternoon wore on and before we knew it it was time to leave. I left the college and found my way back to the car. I set my trusty sat nav for its new destination (the bed and breakfast) and pulled out side the exit of the car park. The roads wee much busier than they had been on my arrival.

Would I be able to reach the bed and breakfast in one piece?

Slowly but steadily I held my nerve as the sat nav directed me to what should have been the bed and breakfast. It was no where to be seen. I drove around aimlessly for what seemed like an age trying to find it but still couldn't find it. Panic and tears set in. I found a lay-by and after a few minutes pulled myself together decided it would be much easier just to drive home and I was never going to return again. It was ok to leave my study books there. Im sure someone could make better use of them than I could.

Once out of Norwich I drove home feeling a big sense of relief about my decision to quit. On arrival at home the flood gates open and yet more tears fell . I was tired and exhausted. I ate, went to bed and slept.

Would I really be able to break through the anxiety I felt and go back to complete my first weekend ?

The next morning I woke with a feeling of determination and thought do you know what im going back. I got up determined that I was at least going to stay for the first weekend. I had my breakfast and set off on my 2 hour journey once more. The journey went a lot smoother than the day before and I found my way into the car park and to the college once more equipped with me new sense of determination.

Sunday lectures just came and went. Homework was set for the month. Before I knew it I was saying goodbye to my newfound study friends and I was soon homeward bound full of enthusiasm to continue my studies to become a fully fledged homeopath wondering what the next four years

would hold.

Until next time


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