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How I found homeopathy

I went into our local health-food shop looking for some answers.

My Son had had a low tolerance to sugar from only a few months of age which when consumed left him with sore areas on his skin, severe tiredness and digestive problems, then to top it all he developed a urine infection. We went to visit our GP who referred us to see a consultant for an ultrasound scan of his kidneys.

During our appointment with the consultant I discussed my sons issues with sugar and The consultants answer was he would have to live with it and he would need to continue to have a low sugar diet, this was easier said than done with a young child

I wasn't ready to accept there was nothing else we could do.

On a visit to the health food shop we had a conversation with the owner who told us about a local homeopath who ran a clinic from the shop.

Feeling we had nothing to lose we decided to go ahead.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and my son had his initial consultation.

The homeopath asked us a lot of questions, not only about the symptoms my son was suffering from but about food likes dislikes and about his characteristics and other health issues he had had since birth. She told us she needed this information to be able to prescribe a remedy.

Once the consultation was over we awaited out sons remedy to arrive through the post.

The remedy arrived. They looked like little round white balls that could be sucked or chewed.

We gave them to our son and within a couple of days I could see some improvement in his overall well-being. He was less tired and he could tolerate a few more sweet treats without any adverse effects.

A few months down the line and he had no issues with consuming sugar and he his digestive problems eased and his energy levels were much improved and his eczema and sore areas of skin had gone.

Would Homeopathy be able to help my health issues too?

I was so impressed with my son's miraculous recovery that I decided maybe she could help with my health issues.

I had been suffering with deep over powering anxiety that affected me each evening. I had to alter my life to work around it.

I didn't want it to carry on ruling my life like it was and I certainly didn't want to have to continue taking medication to mask the symptoms and caused side effects.

I had also developed lots of other physical symptoms. In short I could see my health heading in a rapid downward spiral.

Several months later my anxiety was virtually gone and my other health issues were much much better. My quality of life was restored.

I was so impressed with how homeopathy had helped us both myself and my son I decided I couldn't leave my homeopathic journey there. As my passion for this therapy grew I knew just being a patient and receiving treatment wasn't enough.

Knowing how it had helped me inspired me to want to spread the word about how wonderful homeopathy is. I enrolled on a four year course so I could offer people a similar experience.

My Homeopathic Journey was about to begin

Have you ever been in a situation where you weren't prepared to accept a situation as it was and wanted to try something different?

Until Next time


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