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My Homeopathic Journey.

After the successful homeopathic treatment my son received I decided I would like to see if the homeopath could help Me. For more on that see

My health had been slowly deteriorating over the previous few years and prescription drugs weren't helping me.

It all started on a camping holiday. I suddenly came over feeling very sick and a horrible feeling in my solar plexus.

The symptoms continued. I felt unable to eat and drink due to the tightness I felt in my throat.

We came back from holiday and the symptoms continued. I was due to move into our fist home with my then partner so there was a big change ahead.

We moved in and the symptoms worsened, along with 3 episodes of Tonsillitis. This was something I hadn't experienced before in my life. I saw my GP who diagnosed severe anxiety. He put me on beta blockers.

There were days when the anxiety was there permanently and others when it came in the evening. I found it very difficult to go to work and do my job to a high standard.

In the end I changed from working days to doing night shifts so I could cope better at work and deal with my symptoms at home as the symptoms died down later at night.

We moved house again and the anxiety improved slightly and I came off the tablets my GP had prescribed. Although better the anxiety still ebbed and flowed a lot. Then it came again along with digestive issues and severe tiredness. It was running my life rather than me.

I had my first appointment and took my first remedy. The remedy helped. The digestive problems began to improve. Although the anxiety remained it wasn't as bad. Over the coming months and with a few more consultations the anxiety receded and I felt stronger in myself. I suffered a bit if I was triggered by a vomiting bug, or had some big change This was a big improvement. I was finally I charge again.

Whilst undergoing homeopathy I began to explore this magical therapy further. The more I read and researched the more I liked the idea of it, how it worked and the effect it had had on both myself and my son.

I researched courses in my area and the closest one was in Norwich which was an hour and a half's drive away from me. Doubt crept in about whether I dared drive all that way and whether I was good enough to do the course. Something inside of me said send off the application form. The next week I received a letter in the post asking me to attend the college for an interview.

I no longer have the anxiety I had all those years ago and the triggers that went along with it and my digestive problems are much improved. For me homeopathy is and always will be magical.

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