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Post covid vaccine Issues

My son had his second covid vaccination yesterday.

This morning he was awake with full blown anxiety due to a phobia of being sick (emetophobia).

His pulse was up to 130 bpm, he felt sick, was shivering with cold but no temp as yet He felt unsettled and had a general feeling of being unwell.

I was able to put all my experience together both as a homeopath and cbt therapist.

I supported him through the anxiety with breathing techniques which calmed him and then brought his pulse rate down to a more manageable level and supported him with the phobia and the symptoms from the vaccine using homeopathy.

So far he has needed Nux Vomica and Arsenicum to help with both the phobia and nausea and having now developed aches and pains relating to a temperature I have given Bryonia.

He has now slept for a short while and feels more relaxed. And is back to being on his laptop.

The beauty of wearing more than one hat is you can come at a situation like this from more than one direction therefore providing deeper relief.

Homeopathy can not only help with acute and chronic illness but can support people through side effects of things like Vaccines and chemotherapy too.

Also I have been able to help both the anxiety and the vaccine side effects with just a combination of 2 remedies. This is just one example for me why homeopathy is an important part of my life.

Did you have any side effects from the vaccine alongside a present anxiety or phobia?

Until next time


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