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A Tricky Extraction

There I was sat in the dentist chair.

I had gnawing toothache. The dentist felt I had an infection.

I left the dentist with a prescription for antibiotics and arranged an appointment to have to tooth extracted due to the filling not doing its job any more.

A week later and with the course of antibiotics complete, I arrived for my appointment with anxiety flowing through me. I could feel my stomach and throat clenching and waves of a fluttery feeling in my stomach and chest.

The dentist called me in for my appointment. The anaesthetic was given and I waited for my tooth to meet its fate.

Mouth now numb the dentist started work. Pulling and twisting at my tooth. This seemed to go on forever.

On glancing at the dentist I could see she was having problems getting the tooth to part from my Jaw. Trying with as much strength as she dare use, she continued pushing, pulling and twisting.

Finally It came out from where it had sat happily for most of my life.

After glancing at it she said oh it looks like your root was twisted that's why it was a job to get out.

I stepped out of the dentists clinic door towards reception feeling a bit battered and bruised, and back out into the world minus my tooth with instructions to rest, rinse my mouth with salt water and to take ibuprofen.

Mouth still numb I proceeded to start the car and begin my journey home.

I got about 5 minutes away from the dentist and I could feel the numbness turn to pain. The pain just kept worsening. By the time I reached home the pain was so intense I couldn't move my jaw.

Not thinking straight I took the ibuprofen as instructed. Half an hour later the pain was still searing through my jaw and into my neck. There had been no improvement at all. In fact it was slowly getting worse .

Then through my muddled head I suddenly thought just try Arnica.

Searching through my remedies I reached for the Arnica. I popped it into my mouth and sucked.

Within a matter of a couple of minutes I could feel the pain beginning to melt away. Within 10 minutes the pain miraculously stopped and never returned.

1 pillule of Arnica had done its job.

Have you had any experiences with Arnica, Homeopathy or any other therapies that have worked rapidly in acute situations? Share your experiences in the comments.

Until next time


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